Love Traction Lines Review – Sorry, It’s not Magic Bullet

love traction lines review - It Really Works!It is nature that demands that a man be attracted to a woman. Sometimes however, it requires that you take an initiative. According to the society, it is the job of a man to woo a woman.

This places women in very difficult positions because they have to work harder to be noticed by men of their interest. As a woman, I have been in this position. I wanted this cute guy so much but he hardly noticed me.

I vowed to myself to do everything possible to get him attracted to me. This led me Official Website of Lovetraction Lines which reveals a program referred to as Love Traction Lines.

From what I learned, this is one of the programs in the market that can help you get the man of your dreams no matter how hard the situation seems to be.

The program is designed specifically for girls or women who feel like they cannot attract any man for reasons unclear to them. I found out everything about this program I believe sharing my findings with you will help you get out of this quagmire.

What Really Is Secret Love Spells program?

Just like the name sounds, this is one of a kind program that aims to reveal to you a deep seated secret love spell that will make any man instantly hungry and thirsty for your love.

Also known as Love Traction Lines, Secret Love Spells is an eBook, or more appropriately a guidebook, containing highly effective text lines you can simply use in your speech as you converse with a man of your interest or any other man for that matter.

The lines will work wonders and get the man’s mind focused only on winning you to himself.

It is important to point out that these are love quotes but actual parts of speech that are formulated to work on the subliminal mind of the man you are conversing with and spark a burning desire for you almost to a level of obsession.

The man will not realize your trick but will all over sudden develop such hunger and thirst for you that he may not explain. According to the author, the attraction is nothing short of an enchantment.

About The Author

who is Simone Myers of Love tractionThe author of this Love Traction Lines Program is named Simone Myers. He developed program while working as assistant hypnosis coach.

His approach was based on her personal experience on how hypnosis could change a man’s demeanor in virtually seconds. She took time to research on the psychological basis of hypnosis.

She found out that certain words or phrases, if used appropriately could trigger certain emotions thereby creating a feeling of euphoria in brain just like drugs do.

Simone Myers decided to share her findings with the world with the main aim of helping women to achieve desirable feeling from their partners.

Based on her experience in hypnosis, she knows the combination of words and phrases that if used alongside the right facial expressions and body languages can spark intense romantic feelings in men.

Love Traction Lines Details

Due to copyright issues, it is not possible to discuss the entire information contained within the Love Traction Lines program. However, I will reveal a few vital details to whet your appetite and help you make informed choice if you are considering ordering for this program.

Full details are available only if you visit Official Website of Lovetraction Lines. Here is a preview of what you are likely to find out in this program:

  • Everlasting Attraction Phrase

This is perhaps the most vital and therefore most popular of the secret love spells contained in this guidebook. It aims at bringing a man into a peak state of love.

If you use the phrase on him, you will be shocked at how fast he confesses his limitless love for you despite the fact that you may have just met for the first time.

He will instantly tell you and with a lot of enthusiasm how much he loves and cherishes you and that you are the soul mate he has been looking for to spend with his entire life.

  • The Subconscious Bonding Phrase

This is a magical phrase. It is meant for women already in a relationship but who are not really sure of what their man wants from them or their future together, but are completely sure of what they want with the man.

The subconscious bonding phrase aims at making him believe, feel and be convinced without a shred of doubt, that he wants you to be his soul mate and that he wants to spend with you the rest of his life. Once you use this phrase on him, the man will start treating you with respect, extra care, love and attention.

  • The Monogamy Awakener Phrase

Someone commented and said that men are naturally polygamous. Well, there is some little truth to this because most married men, even the ones with textbook kind of relationship, have secret romantic affairs. The Monogamy Awakener Phrase is suitable if you want your man to remain loyal to you as the only woman in his life. You should use this phrase as often as possible.

The aim of this phrase is to convince the man that you are the only woman in his life. The man will wish to wake up every single day to behold you beautiful phase alone and never get tired of it.

In fact, his mind will be preoccupied only with the thoughts of you. I bet every woman loves this because no one wants to share her man with other women.

  • The Love Cocktail Phrase

The Love Traction Lines program is not limited to getting new catches. If you broke up with your man or husband and you want to rekindle the love and get him back then the Love Cocktail Phrase is for you.

No matter the reason for the ended relationship, this phrase will get the man literally running towards you. He will initiate the process of repairing the relationship faster than you can ever imagine.

Examples of Love Traction Lines you can expect

To whet your appetite further, I am going to share with you some of the main and most popular lines in the program.

Emotional devotion line

the line will make the man crave for you like addiction drug. He will always tell you just how much he loves you and that he thinks no other woman would ever take your place in his heart’. He will forever be indebted to your love, caresses, kisses and romantic gestures.

Soulmate Mishmash line

Using this line will make the man fully convinced that you are the one he wishes to spend the rest of his life with even if he is the very same man you broke up with before and rejected you.

When you use this line, the man will know it in his heart that he will never be happy with any other woman except you and that loosing you would be death to him.

Slap of Love Line

The most assured way to get a man to literally shower you with romans and obsessive love is to inspire and invite him. This line is meant to help you inspire and invite the man of your dream. Immediately you use this line, you will see the man express his satisfaction that you are his one and only love.

Additional Facts You Will Find Out In the Program

The above discussed main details are not all that the program is about. There is too much to learn from the program, especially if you visit Official Website of LoveTraction Lines including the following:

  • The introduction will begin by teaching you how to become a charming lady in men’s eyes. This will spark interest even before you utter a single word or phrase you learn later in the program. The man will unreasonably be turned on at the sight of you.
  • You will also be taught how to plan and control all his actions while at bed, including some of the most passionate fantasies. You man will be positively shocked about your romantic prowess.
  • The program will give you the opportunity to practice with yourself by recording a special video which you can later replay to watch yourself to learn from your appearance and make improvements where necessary.
  • You will learn how to stop your man from watching those dirty X-rated movies to quench his thirst and satisfy his hunger for romance but instead focus his full attention on you.
  • The program will also equip you with enough information on how you can intensify his desire for you while at the same time fully getting in touch with your erotic self. This feature is mind-blowing and your man will love it.
  • Some women and men are stuck in circle of friends. This makes it difficult especially if you are interested romantically in a man within the so called friendzone’. Love Traction Lines will allow you to successfully come out of the friendzone.
  • Last but not least, you will learn how to break loose from the ridiculous taboos and objections that might be standing on your way to winning the man of your dreams.

Pros and Cons of Love Traction Lines Program

This Love Traction Lines review cannot be complete if I do not share with you the main pros and cons associated with its use. These are based on personal experiences, reviews and testimonial of persons who have had a chance to use this program.


  • The information in the program is clear, concise, straightforward and comprehensive. These are all marks of efficacy.
  • It is presented in a format and language that can be used by any woman no matter her educational background or belief system.
  • The program not only helps develop new relationships, it can help repair broken relationships. It can also spice up even existing seemingly happy relationships to intensify the love that exist between the couples. This reduces the chances of divorce and separations.
  • It is perfectly formatted into an eBook full or rich information or audio with the very exact information. If you do not like reading then you can very well listen to audio.
  • The Program comes with three free bonuses including Tiger By the Tail Report, Crystal Ball Report and Mind Switch-Over Report. All these are meant to help you cultivate an improved romantic relationship.
  • After using the program, you will develop better understanding of the human nature. You could apply this knowledge to most other areas of your life including non-romantic relationships.
  • Although it is designed in the form of coursework, the program is fun to use. You will really enjoy reading or listening to it and applying it in your everyday life.
  • The lines start working instantaneously. You do not have to practice or memorize the entire course in order to apply it. It will work on day one of using the phrases or lines on someone.


  • For women who are reserved in nature, it will require certain amount of boldness to use these lines contained within the program. This can pose some serious challenge.
  • Although the program is straightforward to use and takes effects on the first day of use, for more permanent outcome you will have to employ certain amount of commitment and effort. This is because it is long lasting process that requires emotional and behavioral changes.
  • The entire program is available only on digital format. Accessing it can be quite challenging for individuals without reliable internet connection or internet enabled devices.


Love Traction Lines program is a comprehensive, effective, cheap, fun and easy to use program that can help women attain the kind of romantic relationship they have always dreamed on with men of their choices.

The powerful phrases contained in the program are based on solid science and therefore trustworthy. It works subliminally and this means you do not have to do crazy things just to get noticed.

All you will need is to master the tips and techniques in the program and apply them appropriately. I highly recommend you visit Official Website of Lovetraction Lines and order this program. It could change your life forever.